Beyond The Pain… I mean, the Palin

Last night, when I was having trouble falling asleep, I stumbled upon the movie Charlie’s Angels and every time one of the actresses said “Charlie” I kept thinking of Palin addressing Charles Gibson (which was quite often).  Then it occurred to me that the American public watches too much television and too many movies and that this presidential election was turning into a surrealistic circus and (gulp) it occurred to me that some people might be viewing Palin as an action hero figure.  I have been shaking my head a lot these days.

Then I received an email this morning with the following message, containing some interesting points and thought I would share:

Beyond the Palin
by Cathryn Michon

OK, here’s the deal.  I’ve spent the last week obsessed about Sarah
Palin, and what a disaster and embarrassment she is intellectually,
spiritually and ethically for ambitious women everywhere.

But I have to say, I think Arianna Huffington is right on the money
when she says the one thing the GOP has always exploited to their
advantage is the tactics of distraction.

The GOP is trying to distract us with Sarah Palin and her endless
drama, and it’s working. It’s the best free advertising they’ve had in
this election cycle.

This is a presidential election, the GOP has a disastrous
administration and a horrible candidate whose big idea is more of the
same.  This woman threatens to suck all the oxygen out of the room.
She’s distracting everyone from the fact that McCain is a terrible
candidate and will make a horrible president.

We should ignore her.  We should focus on the positives of Barack
Obama, his concrete detailed plans for change, his tax cuts that will
benefit 95% of American families, his detailed energy policy endorsed
by people as disparate as T. Boone Pickens and Al Gore, his amazing
ability to manage people, time and resources.  We should focus on his
ability to inspire, command respect, and build actual working
coalition bridges between entrenched parties.  We should focus on his
determination to run a respectful, diplomatic campaign about the
issues, focused on the difficult task of turning our country around
and regaining our reputation abroad.

If you think running Alaska’s budget is like running America’s budget,
think again.  Alaska is the Saudi Arabia of America.  They’re awash in
the oil profits that are killing the rest of us. If you think Sarah
Palin is not in the pockets of big oil, ask yourself why British
Petroleum sponsored her inauguration party. Don’t be fooled by the big
brag, know that it’s a con and move on to the real topic.


Our pain about this topic is the GOP’s gain.  They now have a Teflon
lady attack dog  (if you attack, or even question her, you’re
automatically sexist) and they are expertly using her to distract us
with conversations about sexism and privacy and a bunch of things that
divide us and have us clawing at each other and divert everyone from
the real topic at hand.

John McCain would make a terrible president.  This is a presidential
election, not a vice presidential election.  The job only becomes
relevant if the President dies, and if you’ve seen John McCain’s
2,000 year old mom, I think you’ll agree he’ll last 8 years.

Let’s follow our candidate’s lead.  He refuses to be distracted by
Sarah Palin, and I happen to think he’s very wise about things like

When we focus on Palin we are playing into Karl Rove’s hands.  We are
doing exactly what the GOP wants, focusing on the non-issue of an
unqualified Vice Presidential candidate whose draconian neo-con views
have energized their base in a way their lackluster candidate could

The more attention you pay Sarah Palin, the more emails you forward to
your friends about her, the more it becomes a story the MSM is
justified in covering (and they LOVE covering it, she’s pretty, she’s
quippy, she’s the new Tina Fey!) and the more free advertising you
give the GOP and they more of their voters that would have stayed home
will turn out.  Especially women, who will be incensed that the
“liberal media” is picking on her.

Undecideds will decide this election, and if you give women undecideds
a grudge that makes them turn out for McCain, all will be lost.

Seriously, it’s a given that she’s a bad candidate, but you must focus
on the positives of Obama, motivating people to vote FOR Obama.

Sarah Palin and Karl Rove are Lucy, holding a football, enticing you to kick

Every time we focus on Sarah Palin we are Charlie Brown, falling for
it, doing exactly what they want.  They are masters at the politics of

If you believe Obama should be the leader, then follow his lead.
Ignore her.  Be uninterested in her.  Stop letting her turn the
election into a combination of Desperate Housewives and American Idol.

And never=2 0forget, we are a nation where more people vote for
American Idol than for President.

Please, I beg you, be smarter than this.  Stop doing exactly what Karl
Rove wants you to do.  Stop getting involved in the politics of
distraction.  We all agree she’s a rotten candidate, but it’s a
meaningless office.  She’s not the reason to convince people to vote
for Obama and against McCain.

If you give it heat and energy I promise you, it will backflip on you.

Sarah who?

And when this is all over, if we still enjoy the drama of C student,
sarcastic, vitriolic, neocon women who spew screeds of half-truths and
outright lies as though it was the late Friday show at the Hollywood
Improv, no worries:

We’ll always have Ann Coulter.

P.S.  Send the campaign a donation, if you possibly can.  If everyone
who cares sent $25 we’d have no trouble getting the truth out.

P.P.S. Get involved in calling if you possibly can.
They’ll make it easy to call from your own home. Please, this time
let’s try to have a bigger voter turnout for President than we do for
“American Idol,” OK?

P.P.P.S. Feel free to forward this email. Remember, the GOP sold us
eight years of a guy “everybody wants to have a beer with” now they’re
trying to sell you a woman “everybody wants to carpool with.”  They’re
marketing geniuses. I don’t want a President or Vice President who is
“just a regular old guy or gal.” Personally20I want a President who is
way smarter than me (no one would pick me as Editor of the Harvard Law
Review) and way more diplomatic than me (I’m very rude) to help us
figure out how to get out of the mess we’re in.

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  1. I’d love to ignore Sarah Palin, but I’m scared to death that she could be in control of our nuclear codes (and she pronounces the word nuclear the same way Bush does). And…she’s the only reason this race is close. I hope the bump they got will begin to wind down as we learn more about both Palin and McCain, but they are very good at distraction – it’s all they’ve every done. I mean, we’re all pretty good at something we do every day. I say spend another week of so bringing Palin back into our atmosphere, make her look as weak as she really is, and then ignore her.

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