Will Biden keep his chin up, as Obama did?

“McCain came off as antagonistic when sparring with Obama, making him look mean and angry. He seemed to refuse to look at his opponent much of the time, grew a smug smile and contorted his face when Obama said something he didn’t like or agree with.

In contrast, Obama kept his chin up and fixed his stare on McCain when his opponent spoke. He didn’t shift from foot-to-foot. His stance was steady — almost like he was clenching, bracing himself. He was tough when returning McCain’s lobs, but did it without the mockery McCain employed.

Obama seemed to listen to the things he didn’t like to hear; McCain made faces and derided his opponent for not understanding. By the end, it was McCain who looked like the one who doesn’t get it: Americans are tired of the taunter-in-chief model of George W. Bush. They want a president with some maturity — not one who scoffs at those who disagree with him.”

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