What can you do to help get Obama elected? You might find that you are having fun in the process.

Well, like the people in Alaska that are fed up, you can get involved and there are many opportunities to do so.

Yesterday there was an Obama/Springsteen Rally in Philadelphia.

Today there is another Obama/Springsteen Rally in Ohio.

Today is also, the “Change We Need” Rally in Asheville, North Carolina.

On the 6th they’ll be in Michigan.

On the 10th there is an Obamathon in San Francisco:  dance all you want, the proceeds go to the Obama campaign

On October 10 there is an “Every Woman for Obama” Rally at UCLA

On the 16th Billy Joel joins Bruce Springsteen and his band in New York.

On October 18th, there is an “Elect Obama” Rally in Montpelier, Vermont.

OR you can go to this link for the official events calendar to find events near you.

Or, pasted in below from the Obama website are several upcoming events around the Country:

Other Events

Oct 5
Roanoke Community Gathering with Senator Evan Byah
in Roanoke, VA

Oct 6
Community Gathering with Joe Biden
in Rochester, NH

Oct 6
Community Gathering with Joe Biden
in Manchester, NH

Oct 7
Community Event with Michelle Obama
in Jacksonville, NC

Oct 7
Community Gathering with Joe Biden
in Melbourne, FL

Oct 7
Community Gathering with Joe Biden
in Lakeland, FL

Oct 8
“Change We Need” Rally with Barack Obama
in Indianapolis, IN


Anyone else out there know about events in their neck of the woods that they would like to share?

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