Lie #105: Sarah Palin Lies Again

“The McCain-Palin campaign’s latest lie came on the same day the Washington Post reported that the campaign is preparing a last ditch barrage of negative ads aimed at “turning the page” from the economic crisis facing working families.

Since John McCain locked up his party’s nomination and promised to run a respectful campaign in February, at least 105 independent, non-partisan fact checks have to debunked McCain campaign lies. Visit to see the updated Count the Lies counter.”
Read the full story here.  But don’t expect her to stop repeating her lies.  She’ll keep repeating them until she believes them herself.

2 Replies to “Lie #105: Sarah Palin Lies Again”

  1. Desperate is the word. They are playing on the fears of the stupid. The problem is that there are more stupid people than there are smart people. We need to educate them.

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