What about McCain's Health? We have a RIGHT to know.

In a September 15, 2008 Boston Globe article talks about the anti-war group, MoveOn.org, request for full disclosure of McCain’s medical records.  The video embedded in this article is quite revealing:

“MoveOn.org became the latest today, calling on McCain to release all his medical records. McCain, who turned 72 on the day he introduced Palin as his running mate earlier this month, would be the oldest person elected to a first term as president. And he has had several bouts of skin cancer.

“If McCain got sick while in office, the leader of the free world would be Sarah Palin — someone with no foreign policy experience and a domestic agenda more extreme than George Bush’s. Voters deserve to know how likely that might be,” the leaders of MoveOn.org told members in an email today.”

Read the whole article and see the video here.

I don’t think McCain is fit to be President.  I think he should retire.

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