Let's Look at Palin's Extremist Pals

Courtesy of The Daily Kos:

So let’s get this straight. John McCain’s team chose someone whose political career was tightly interwoven with – and supported by – extremists. Not just average wingnuts. Extremists. Radicals. A secessionist and a paranoid militia organizer.

So, McCain’s cute lil’ sidekick, that all-American hockey mom, the “pitbull with lipstick” that the cable news networks just couldn’t get enough of for weeks, is actually so far removed from mainstream American politics and ideals that it’s impossible to imagine her ever handling the job for which she has been recruited.

She may inspire the fringe, and may be able to tell voters the best way to store their gold and guns when the black helicopters come, but she’s clearly the worst possible choice McCain could have made for his potential successor.

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