25 Replies to “Who Endorses Barack Obama and Joe Biden?”

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  4. I’m impressed and will come back to you. This took time and effort. Congrats on this compilation. Now…I wonder about how many conservatives/Republicans have endorsed Sen. Obama. That won’t get very much airplay these days.

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  7. Well, this proves that Liberals may support Obama. What it does not show is that supporting Obama is the right choice.
    Whichever candidate wins this election carries almost 50% of the nation kicking and screaming into the next four years. Quite a load if you ask me. Electing the party that is almost solely responsible for the state this economy is in seems, at least to me a very bad move.
    Unlike alot a people, I do believe we will survive an Obama/Biden presidentcy. He will not be getting my vote. Based on his politics, not his race or any other factor. To be fair however, McCain will get my vote by default, not based on any admiration of him.

  8. It proves that a helluva lot more than Liberals support Barack Obama. And they support him because he’s smart, level-headed, open-minded and possesses the ability to lead our Country in unison with other countries to a more peaceful place and guide our economy back on track–with the help of the other smart people that he surrounds himself with.

    Obama for President.

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  14. How can I say how overjoyed I am. For business I’d also suggest you put Ben Bernanke Federal Reserve Chairman. A former Bush Press Secretary, Scott M. (forgot the last name) have also jumped ship along with Charles Fried McCain’s Advisor. Rumor has it Condi Rice will not endorse but will vote for Obama. Aside from that it makes me feel safe in my skin to have so many Republican officials voting and endorsing Obama. Michael Moore thought of them jumping to the other side as an act of redemption.

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