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  1. Wow. I never saw this episode. Awesome. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to steal this video this week and put it on my blog. EVERYONE should see it. Of course, the religious right will have their usual objections, but this is right: if the Bible professes to one of these things, it professes to ALL of these things and they should follow the letter of the law on ALL of it, not just one tenet.


  2. Just before that. Sheen finishes what he’s saying to the woman and speaks to Toby. It’s one short sentence but I can’t understand what he’s saying (which is not all that unusual in modern drama, whether movies or television, which since the late Fifties has favored the mumble mumble school of acting).

  3. This was a great clip. Thanks for posting this – it has been too many years since I had seen it.

    Ric – Sheen said “that’s how I beat him.” Since I haven’t seen this episode since it’s original airdate and Rob Lowe is in the cast making this one of the first episodes, I don’t recall exactly what they were referring to.

  4. He told Toby, “Thats how I beat him” (his opponent) Old Testament teachings the Fear of God. When God saw these concerns he sent us his Son to show and teach us the New Testament and secure our knowledge in him as the God of love and forgiveness that would make heaven on earth. I really like Martin Sheen. When asked on the Actors Studio the Heaven question, Sheen replied “we make our heaven on earth”

    Though I like his answer, I believe we earn our heaven on earth. If we are not good students we can still pass with our Saviors get out of jail free card. A gift so many do not realize before it’s too late. What a treasure.

  5. Yep , he did rip her a new one.

    These Bible thumpers cherry pick isolated pieces of scripture just as the Neocons cherry-picked the intelligence as they lied us into the Iraq invasion.

    Jesus was constantly saying to help the poor but they not only not cite those quotes but they actively condemn helping the poor.

    This is the height of hypocracy.

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