Words Of The Day: Classy and Charismatic

Main Entry:  classy 
Pronunciation:  ˈkla-sē
Function:  adjective
Inflected Form(s):  class·i·er; class·i·est
Date:  1891
: having or showing class: as a: elegant , stylish <a classy clientele> b: having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior <a classy guy> <a classy gesture> c: admirably skillful and graceful <a classy outfielder>
class·i·ness noun
Main Entry:  1char·is·mat·ic 
Pronunciation:  ˌker-əz-ˈma-tik, ˌka-rəz-
Function:  adjective
Etymology:  charisma
Date:  circa 1868
1 : of, relating to, or constituting charisma or charism <charismatic gifts> 2 : having, exhibiting, or based on charisma or charism <charismatic sects> <a charismatic leader>

Okay, I will use these words in a sentence:

Barack Obama is the classy and charismatic leader of the free world, the soon-to-be / nex President of The United States of America.  A person with charisma possesses a personal magic of leadership, arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm and a special magnetic charm or appeal. 


I gotta say, that even though the election is over, the results are in, it’s a done deal…  This guy has something going on that most of the rest of simply don’t.

Now you try it.  Use “classy” and/or “charismatic” in a sentence using the comment boxes below.

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