She did it for the money? Really? DOH!

Of course she did it for the money.  And the attention.  That is what Sarah Palin is all about:  Sarah Palin.

The Anchorage Daily News interviews Levi Johnston to see what his take is on all the hoopla.

This isn’t rocket science, after all.  Just ask Sarah.  Back in September 2008 she was saying “It’s $6 million and 53 employees.” 

By November 2008 she discovered how truly wonderful she was and no longer had time to govern the state of Alaska.

Now it’s too stressful.  Now that she has other more lucrative offers and ways to draw more attention to herself.  Some of the attention she is drawing is proving her reasons for resigning to be false.  (Sarah Palin lying?!  Say it ain’t so!)


I find her idiotic AND disgusting.

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