Hey Obama, I’m Talking To You: Quit Being A Weenie. Put Your Spine On And Do The Job You Were Elected To Do.

I voted for you, Barack.  And even given your spineless showing thus far, and the same choices that we had in November of 2008 I would vote for you again.

But honestly, I’m pissed off.  Just like Bob Cesca.  He’s pissed off too.  And we’re not the only ones.

Your own party is starting to see red.  What the hell is going on?

Why aren’t you putting your spine on and exercising the power your position affords?  Why are kissing the collective asses of the GOP? 

And the what the f~@k is up with Joe Lieberman?  We didn’t elect him President.  We elected you.

We deserve better.  We deserve hope and change.  Just the way you promised during your campaign.

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