So far, I don’t like Meg Whitman

Reason #1 to NOT Like Meg Whitman:  The extremely annoying ever-present ads bashing Steve Poizner.

Meg, shut up about Steve Poizner and tell us what you are going to do for California.

Reason #2 to NOT Like Meg Whitman:  She calls press conferences and then refuses to talk to the press.

Meg, you are making yourself look like a whack job–and a PUPPET.

Reason #3 to NOT Like Meg Whitman:  She says that she will release 25 years of tax returns, but then refuses to.

Meg, “voters have a right to know whether she “paid her fair share of taxes and whether she personally profited off the misery of middle-class families and distressed homeowners suffering in this recession.”

I don’t  like her and I don’t trust her.  You can bet I won’t vote for her. 

Oh, and by the way, Meg Whitman doesn’t vote regularly.  She only missed about 24 years…

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  1. I admire her ambition, and don’t trust her a bit. I already don’t trust politicians, but, this one hasn’t even participated in the system… while she benefited from the very existence of the system, as all wealthy people do.

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