Australian Comedian Blows Gun Nuts Away With Facts (VIDEO)

Jim Jeffries On American Gun Nuts

“Your First Amendment means I can say your Second Amendment sucks dicks! And unless you’re an American Indian, you’re a fucking immigrant as well! So, fuck off!”

Jim Jefferies is an Australian comedian who experienced a home invasion when he was living in England. He doesn’t wish he had a gun.

In the video below Jefferies details how Australia experienced the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. The deadliest massacre in history. There were also massacres in each of the ten years prior. After the 1996 massacre Australia said, “Not One More” and they actually meant it. Wasn’t just a meme. Australia changed their gun laws and… no  more massacres.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, because he makes some excellent points.

WATCH the two part bit below:

and here’s part 2:

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16 Replies to “Australian Comedian Blows Gun Nuts Away With Facts (VIDEO)”

  1. “except that since 1996 there have been no massacres by gun. those others were arson or murder by blunt object.”

    Per your comment, you should show some causation and correlation, and you’re not.

  2. Red herring comment.

    If you’re going to post stuff against right-wingers, you should at least step up your game rather than post rhetoric – it ain’t hard.

  3. Yeah because 20 years of gun-massacre-free living in Australia is just “rhetoric” apparently.
    You lost the intellectual high-ground when you opened the discussion with a grammar Nazi post.
    Don’t waste your time guys. “Trey” is one of those Internet people that thinks a flowery vocabulary can hide a narrow mind.

  4. “Same pattern as it was before.”

    Except that, the list you linked to hardly shows that it’s the ‘same pattern as it was before.’ The list actually shows that there’s been a total of three massacres in the eighteen years following the Port Arthur massacre, and there were a total of thirteen in the eighteen years preceding it.

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