Mainstream Media Finally #FeelTheBern, Decides He CAN Win (VIDEO)

Mika Brzezinski asks Howard Dean, “Howard, why are you chuckling?”

Howard responds, “Because I’ve seen this for 40 years.”

Mika, “Whaaaaaaaaaat?”

Howard, “People underestimate him.”

Mika, “That’s right.”

Howard, “He has an incredibly powerful message. He actually… I remember in my last election, after I’d done civil unions, I got clobbered in what was a certain part of the state that always votes conservative. Bernie Sanders got every vote that my very conservative opponent got. He has a tremendous appeal to ordinary working people who feel like they are getting screwed.”

Well, Howard, that’s because we ARE getting screwed.

WATCH the mainstream corporate media finally #FeelTheBern:

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