Social Media Says “President Sanders” (VIDEO and IMAGES)

Chuck Todd meets with Daniel Seaver at Google News Labs after the Democratic Debate on Sunday. Daniel doesn’t seem surprised what sort of response Bernie is eliciting, but Chuck certainly Continue Reading →

Mainstream Media Finally #FeelTheBern, Decides He CAN Win (VIDEO)

Mika Brzezinski asks Howard Dean, “Howard, why are you chuckling?” Howard responds, “Because I’ve seen this for 40 years.” Mika, “Whaaaaaaaaaat?” Howard, “People underestimate him.” Mika, “That’s right.” Howard, “He has Continue Reading →

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Responds To DNC’s Continued Shenanigans; Threatens Federal Court (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been accused of culling Clinton voter data when the vendor, NGP VAN, had a data breach and some of Bernie’s staffers were able to see some Continue Reading →

Dude Wants To Know WTF Politicians Are Going To Do For The People (VIDEO)

Kyle Kulinski is pissed off. Here he discusses, with great vigor, why he doesn’t like Hillary Clinton or her campaign ads. He wants to know what she is going to do Continue Reading →