Schwarzenegger joins McCain, steps on own dick too…

Apparently Schwarzenegger has been heard saying that he invites Obama for fitness lessons.  Well, Daily Kos beat me to the punch with pictures.  Maybe him and McCain should form a Continue Reading →

McCain has a short-term memory AND he's a hypocrite and racist (he funded Rashidi Khalidi–but that's not the bad part, that's the good part)

I am not at all disturbed by Barack Obama’s alleged relationship with Rashidi Khalidi, nor am I disturbed by Khalidi himself, and I say this as a supporter of Israel, Continue Reading →

Robocalls versus The State Of The Union Address (I didn't see it as an infomercial)

While McCain is blowing his wad on unwanted, anonymous and ominous calls to people–even in Arizona–spreading the fear, hate, anger and lies that we’ve grown accustomed to, Obama has the Continue Reading →

Being President of the United States of America is Risky Business

Jared Bernstein points out that the next President will be “Risk Manager-In-Chief”: “Obama will be good at this. He has a balanced, evidenced-based approach to risk assessment. To the consternation Continue Reading →

McCain's Campaign: HATE, FEAR, ANGER and LIES

The way things are going in the McCain Campaign is downright scary.  What the hell?  Why would you want to incite other people to the point that they are suggesting to kill Continue Reading →

Biden: "It's about YOU, Not US". You got that right, Joe!

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars: Here is a great video of Joe Biden handing the McCain-Palin Campaign their hat.  I really like Joe Biden. Or see the whole post Continue Reading →

Why Obama is winning and McCain is losing

I couldn’t say it any better than Jed Lewison: While Barack Obama has focused his campaign on solutions to get this country out of the ditch that Bush-McCain policies have Continue Reading →

During NPR Interview McCain says that he has relied on Palin's advice "many times in the past"

Here are some excerpts from the interview: “Senator, as you know, the vice presidential debate comes on Thursday — your running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, against Joe Biden. Gov. Palin Continue Reading →