Health Care Reform, Financial Regulation and Reform, Economic Stimulus, College Lending Reform… And A Lot More… Thank Obama, Pelosi and The Democrats

Politicians have tried and failed for decades to enact universal health care. This time, they succeeded.  In 2008, Democrats won the presidency and both houses of Congress, and by the Continue Reading →

As Greg Sargent explained the other day, “Palin and her team of ghostwriters plucked Obama’s remark out of context to quote him saying ‘whether we like it or not,’ we are a superpower. In reality, he was saying that ‘whether we like it or not,’ we get pulled into international conflicts that cost us American lives — so it’s in our security interests to resolve them.”

Reading comprehension isn’t one of the former half-term governor’s strengths, so perhaps it’s not surprising that Palin is badly misquoting, and deliberately misunderstanding, what the president said. Here’s Obama’s actual Continue Reading →

Hey Obama, I’m Talking To You: Quit Being A Weenie. Put Your Spine On And Do The Job You Were Elected To Do.

I voted for you, Barack.  And even given your spineless showing thus far, and the same choices that we had in November of 2008 I would vote for you again. Continue Reading →

Doctors and Medical Students Who Support The Obama Health Plan

The list is very long. President Barack Obama works the crowd after addressing a health care reform rally, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009, at Target Center in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone) Continue Reading →