Republicans: The Party of “What Lies Can We Use To Get Our Way This Time?”

My friend, The Devout Atheist, has been known to unleash a diatribe every now and then, ranging in topics from Bernie Sanders, to Massacre Prevention Legislation and most recently the Continue Reading →

PROOF That U.S. Fears Of ISIS Are Irrational (FACTS and VIDEO)

Last week a friend and I were discussing what was the single most pressing issue of our present day. (And I asked this again on my facebook page.) Surprisingly, he felt Continue Reading →

Robocalls versus The State Of The Union Address (I didn't see it as an infomercial)

While McCain is blowing his wad on unwanted, anonymous and ominous calls to people–even in Arizona–spreading the fear, hate, anger and lies that we’ve grown accustomed to, Obama has the Continue Reading →