WATCH Both Clintons Defend And Fawn Over Their Favorite KKK Member (3 VIDEOS)

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton, separately, go out of their way to paint their favorite KKK member and recruiter–Robert Byrd–as a good guy. While Byrd later disavowed his involvement in Continue Reading →

McCulloch, Michael Brown Grand Jury “Prosecutor” Admits “Witnesses” Lied or Were Not There (VIDEO)

Robert McCulloch who is supposed to be the prosecutor for Saint Louis County, and for the Michael Brown shooting, turned out to be a defense attorney for shooter Darren Wilson.  Continue Reading →

FBI Shreds Shawn Hannity’s Favorite Witness #40; Shaun King Explains

If you care about the travesty going down in Ferguson, Missouri, the injustice of the handling of the murder of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, then you should definitely Continue Reading →

Cleveland Police Union Chief Explains That Police Are Judge, Jury and Executioners (VIDEO)

The President of Cleveland’s police union, Jeffrey Follmer, arrogantly calls Andrew Hawkins’ call for justice “pathetic” and doesn’t feel that Hawkins is entitled to an opinion on the police-shooting deaths Continue Reading →

Response To Lt. “I stopped caring” Furseth And Why He Should Turn In His Badge

Daniel Furseth is a Lieutenant in the DeForest, Wisconsin Police Department.  He recently penned an article entitled “Today I stopped caring…” wherein he blames Liberals and how they raise their Continue Reading →

St. Louis, MO Grand Jury Leaning Towards Letting Darren Wilson Get Away With Murder Of Mike Brown… Because Uncovering The Truth Is Hard

Shaun King describes himself on Twitter as “Family Man; Author; Activist; Entrepreneur; Teacher; Fighter; Mountaineer; Organizer; Web Developer; Soccer Coach; Writer @DailyKos TIPS:”.  He has made it his mission Continue Reading →