Further Outrage In Zimbabwe: Stealing Land From Farmers… "Government Takes What It Wants"

CHEGUTU, Zimbabwe: Edna Madzongwe, president of the Senate and a powerful member of Zimbabwe’s governing party, began showing up uninvited at the Etheredges’ farm here last year, at times still Continue Reading →

ZIMBABWE UPDATE: Cholera, Lack of Food and Water, Mugabe, Attempts To Overthrow The Government… Not For The Faint Of Heart

Where do I begin? No one shakes hands anymore in Zimbabwe because the of fear of contracting cholera: “The country that was once the jewel in Africa’s crown, able to Continue Reading →

Cholera Deaths In Zimbabwe Rise To 783 As Mugabe Announces In Harare That There Is No Cholera

ah hem…  this is similar to how I envision the U.S. if Palin ever makes her way into office…  just way too scary… Mugabe: ‘Now that there is no cholera, there Continue Reading →