The lies, deceit and delusions of the McCain Campaign continue

Yesterday, in the midst of the demise of two more major financial institutions, McCain said that the “fundamentals of our economy are still strong“. 

The McCain campaign continuously misstates (lies about) Obama’s tax plan, and McCain’s own plan is only more of the same.  (And look at the mess we’re in now.)

The McCain/Palin ticket is way too trigger-happyand Palin even feels that war is God’s plan.

With “the truth being on an extended holiday” in the McCain Campaign, this article talks about McCain trying to “fool all of the people all of the time”.

Then there is Palin, who is now under fire for withholding her tax returns and withholding emails between her husband (who, apparently, would like to see Alaska secede from the United States) and state employees (undoubtedly covering up the role he plays in the Alaskan government administration).

Last Saturday, September 13, the Anchorage Daily News says, among other things. that “Sarah Palin ran for governor in 2006 on who she is. In 2008, she’s running for vice president on who she is not.”

In January 2008 the Anchorage Daily News writes an article about Sarah Palin’s inappropriate behavior on a radio talk show.  Granted, this particular item is much more trivial than what is currently going on but it does speak to her judgment and character.

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