NYT: “why would a man who forever advertises his own honor toy so selfishly with our national interest at a time of crisis?”

“George Bush put more deliberation into invading Iraq than McCain did into his own reckless invasion of the delicate Congressional negotiations on the bailout plan.”

“To put these 24 hours in context, you must remember that McCain not only knows little about the economy but that he has not previously expressed any urgency about its meltdown. It was on Sept. 15 — the day after his former idol Alan Greenspan pronounced the current crisis a “once-in-a-century” catastrophe — that McCain reaffirmed for the umpteenth time that the “fundamentals of our economy are strong.” As recently as Tuesday he had not yet even read the two-and-a-half-page bailout proposal first circulated by Hank Paulson last weekend. “I have not had a chance to see it in writing,” he explained. (Maybe he was waiting for it to arrive by Western Union instead of PDF.)

Then came Black Wednesday — not for the stock market, which was holding steady in anticipation of Washington action, but for McCain. As the widely accepted narrative has it, his come-to-Jesus moment arrived that morning, when he awoke to discover that Barack Obama had surged ahead by nine percentage points in the Washington Post/ABC News poll. The McCain campaign hastily suited up its own pollster to belittle that finding — only to be drowned out by a fusillade of new polls from Fox News, Marist and CNN/Time, each with numbers closer to Post/ABC than not. Obama was rising most everywhere except the moose strongholds of Alaska and Montana.”

Read the entire interesting article here.

One thought on “NYT: “why would a man who forever advertises his own honor toy so selfishly with our national interest at a time of crisis?”

  1. John McCain will try to embrace anything viewed as positive and try to distance himself from his best buddy Republican George Bush, while hoping the American public is stupid enough to fall for it. If McCain wasn’t there for the talks, it would have ended the same way, with taxpayers being screwed once again for the sake of the super wealthy. I hope the voters of this country are smart enough to realize that George Bush is a republican, and the republicans have been pushing his agenda for 8 years. McCain and bush have the same objective, get as much money for lobbyists and super wealthy at the expense of the american taxpayer. If voters are stupid enough to vote another republican in, then they deserve what they get, another 4 years of financial failure, failed foreign policy, and the stealing of record amounts of taxpayer money.


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