Biden kicked some Palin ass (as expected)

I have a newfound respect for Biden after last night’s debate.  I am firmly in the Obama-Biden corner, as I have been ever since McCain made the telling choice of Palin as running mate.  A choice that, in my opinion, has sealed his fate. 

I am neither a Democrat or a Republican.  Merely a human being.  At first I was undecided between Clinton and Obama, and was even pleased with McCain as a choice over the others like Romney (who gives me the creeps!).

Admittedly, I was leaning much farther toward Obama or Clinton than McCain, but once he chose Sarah Palin it was all over for McCain in my book.  Since then, everything that has turned up, my instincts about her have been spot on.

I thought she was pathetic last night, repeating herself over and over and repeating phrases that she was taught to memorize rather than answer the questions further solidified to me that she is way out of her league.

Biden on the other hand, was confident and knowledgable and fit to be President should it come to that.

Obama-Biden for President.


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