Palin: Let's see, how else can I get people riled up and hating Obama for no real reason at all?

From Wholesome Reading:

So look, Governor Palin. You hate the government so much, you want the government smaller, out of our lives? Then stick to your own children, to your own daughter’s shotgun wedding, and keep your nose out of the way the rest of us want to deal with ours. I hope none of our children, mine or yours, are ever so unfortunate. The very thought is painful to contemplate. But were it to happen, the government has no business telling anyone that they have to spend the rest of their lives living with the product of a criminal act. Not every murderer gets a life sentence, but the victims of rape apparently do. Smaller government my ass – smaller everywhere but the national debt and the part with its periscope in our underwear.

Read the whole post here.

Obama for President

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