Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

For crying out loud, if Obama’s place of birth were an issue he would have never gotten this far.  Not even close.  Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger.  But then the McCain camp and their followers only have straws at which to grasp at this point.

That said, I give you the following:

– First, the obvious, Barack’s own website

– Second, we have the Los Angeles Times weighing in

– Third, we have someone who dissects the certificate in several fashions

Back in June this was dismissed once again, but then again now the McCain Campaign is running on empty

– Just a couple of days ago, the Baltimore Sun, addresses this issue once again and notes that both Obama and McCain (whose birth place is the Panama Canal) are both eligible to be President

– And, finally, to stop beating a dead horse,

I could go on with more resources, but why? 

For crying out loud McCain, quit attacking Obama and tell me what YOU are going to do for ME.

Unless you have anything to say that is going to be pertinent to me, my life and how you are going to lead us out of this mess, and stop attacking your worthy opponent, shut up and step down

Same goes for his underinformed, hate/fear/anger mongering supporters.

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