The Boston Globe: Another Ringing Endorsement for Barack Obama!

Yesterday I posted a list of a great number of great people and organizations that are voting for Barack Obama, including (among many others) the female Governor of McCain’s home state of Arizona, Janet Napolitano.  Today, another ringing endorsement from the Boston Globe:

“COME JANUARY, a new president will take charge of a nation diminished, an America that is far shakier economically, less secure militarily, and less respected internationally than it was eight years before. The nation needs a chief executive who has the temperament and the nerves to shepherd Americans through what promises to be a grueling period — and who has the vision to restore this country to its place of leadership in the world.

Such a leader is at hand. With great enthusiasm, the Globe endorses Senator Barack Obama for president. The charismatic Democrat from Illinois has the ability to channel Americans’ hopes and rally the public together, at a time when the winds are picking up and the clouds keep on darkening.”

That could be due to the fact that Obama has added a plan that could be activated almost immediately.  Actually, he has always had a plan, it’s even downloadable from his website.

Obama-Biden 2008

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