The World Is Watching

And most of them seem to favor Obama (check out the World Poll) and find Palin “dangerous”.

The center-left Süddeutsche Zeitung writes:

“The last of the three debates hasn’t changed anything in the basic dynamic of the presidential election. John McCain, the Republican, will not be able to make up his shortfall, not even with a dirty campaign …”

“In times of economic crisis, voters tend to back Democrats rather than Republicans. Americans, especially the swing voters in the middle, have seen their doubts about Obama vanish. The unknown man with the foreign-sounding name no longer triggers fear. Meanwhile, doubts about McCain, the supposedly well-known veteran, are on the rise …”

“McCain’s helpers have caused chaos. The have piled McCain with message after message. First McCain called his competitor Obama ‘inexperienced,’ then ‘unreliable.’ Now he is being billed as a safety risk because he was once acquainted with a former terrorist. The impression this gives is that McCain is an old grumbler, he doesn’t know what he wants or where he’s going. In times of crisis though, voters want reliability.”

“In the recent weeks’ financial mayhem, Obama kept his cool in contrast to a jittery McCain. That impresses Americans. They would rather trust Obama to solve the problems of their country. Something astonishing will have to happen for Obama to fritter away this confidence before the election.”

Read the whole story here.

On Palin, they say:

the lingering impression that McCain called this fresh face to his side purely out of strategic campaign calculations and without adequate vetting could be fatal. Palin’s selection comes across as imprudent, unserious and, yes, dangerous.”

“McCain has miscalculated: those Democrats who were disappointed by Hillary’s failure and might possibly have voted for the Republican veteran will hardly be lured by the ultraconservative pro-lifer. … McCain only hopes that the evangelical base will gather behind him with new fury. That is important — but not enough to win the election in November. The payoff for this deputy from the right is less than the price of the risk that McCain runs with the center. Sarah Palin will cost the Republican Party dearly.”

Read that story here.

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