McCain Supporter Punches Obama Canvasser in the face! WTF?!

Jeff Dorchen writes:

“A woman canvassing for Obama in Milwaukee was punched in the face by a man ranting about ACORN. The woman was part of a canvassing effort organized by friends of mine. As we were about to go on stage for Oobleck Election Play 2008: The Trojan Candidate, a friend of our lighting designer who was in the same canvassing group called and told her the story.

The silver lining is that when the woman who had been assaulted returned to Chicago, there was already a voicemail message from Barack Obama expressing his sorrow that she had had to go through such an experience.

That’s it. McCain supporters are dicks. The usual gang of conservative bigmouths are inciting violence with their propaganda, and the suckers who want desperately to believe are so frustrated with the lack of believability of the propaganda that they’re lashing out with violence and violent rhetoric.

Meanwhile, Obama has such a great organization that he heard about this small incident and contacted the victim before the end of the day.”

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