I told you the World is watching. Here's what Russia has to say today:

He could quite easily have issued a simple statement via his press secretary and indeed held no interviews with anyone at all.
Instead he chose the very public forum of the top Sunday morning political chat show in the U.S. as his platform to hold a live interview where he proceeded to take apart, piece by piece, not only the McCain campaign, but his vice presidential running mate, the manner in which the campaign was being run and, finally, the entire Republican Party itself.
He criticised Senator McCain for not being able to grasp the economic woes facing the country or offer the public a clear and coherent response to the problem.
He criticised Governor Palin for clearly not being qualified for the job (not to mention what this said about McCain’s judgment, he added).
He further criticised the negative tone of much of the McCain campaign, specifically decrying their attempts to somehow smear Obama with so called associations to the likes of 1960s radical Bill Ayers, and finished off by commenting that he was uncomfortable with the way in which he felt the entire Republican Party was being taken over by the right wing.”

Read the whole article, translated into English, right here.

Obama for President

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