McCain has a short-term memory AND he's a hypocrite and racist (he funded Rashidi Khalidi–but that's not the bad part, that's the good part)

I am not at all disturbed by Barack Obama’s alleged relationship with Rashidi Khalidi, nor am I disturbed by Khalidi himself, and I say this as a supporter of Israel, as a Jew, and as an American.

I am, however, terribly disturbed by the McCain campaign’s systematic assault on this man who not only has played no voluntary role in this campaign, but also owes what little prominence he does have at least in part to John McCain, who generously funded his organization in the 1990s.

Obviously, the reason this man is being targeted for his name and nothing more. I was watching a Palin rally yesterday in which she launched an attack on Khalidi, in the process so badly mangling his name that it was hardly recognizable, though it was clearly foreign-sounding.

Before she had finished mispronouncing it, however, the crowd was already booing. They had no idea who this man was. All they knew is that they didn’t like the way his name sounded.

That’s not the America we want to live in. That’s McCarthyism. That’s what McCain and Palin now represent, and on Tuesday, we bid them farewell.

It will be a good riddance.

Courtesy of the Jed Report.

UPDATE:  You have to see THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!

Obama for President

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