Obama Campaign Invites Undecided Voters To Dial Into Economy Conference Call

Senator Obama is not thru with Pennsylvania yet. He’ll be back this time through his principle economic advisors in conference calls open to all Pa residents who want to learn more about the Obama-Biden Tax and Economic Plan.

“The conference calls with the media and undecided voters allows people to have access, and is a good way to break down barriers of communication,” said Zach Friend, Press Secretary for Pennsylvania’s Obama press office.

Barack Obama’s Pennsylvania Campaign for Change is hosting the conference calls which have been happening since October 19, 2008, with one more remaining on November 2, 2008. Talking about everything from the Obama-Biden Economic Rescue Plan for the middle class, to middle class tax relief for 95 percent of working families – the economic specialists are there to answer the questions that Pa deems most important.

“We use top policy advisers. People have been engaged,” said Friend of the public reception that the conference calls have been receiving.

And plans for Pennsylvania, Sen. Obama certainly has. According to Official Pa campaign literature from Pennsylvania Campaign for Change, Pennsylvania will receive $2 billion in direct assistance to help struggling communities and to invest in fast-tracked infrastructure projects, saving over 40,100 jobs.

“I think that it’s a good idea that people become familiar with Obama and his campaign people. I believe that he is going to win the race, and everybody that he has on his team is just as effective and reliable as he is going to be,” said Aisha Gumby from Philadelphia, Pa.

On the tax relief end, Sen. Obama and Bide expect to cut taxes for 95 percent of all working families. Of the 150 million workers, 6.5 million which represent Pennsylvania will in addition to the other workers get a new $500 “Making Work Pay” tax cut, which is said to be worth up to $1,000 per family.

Read the whole story here.

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