McCain Shows Real Class In His Concession Speech

However, when he mentions his appreciation for Sarah Palin it gets hard to hear him over the booing of the crowd.  I was really hoping that he wouldn’t give her any acknowledgment, because she doesn’t deserve it.  She has been the downfall of his campaign, and has thrown him under the bus time and time again–even starting her own 2012 campaign on his clock.

And then there is her husband.  I have nothing nice to say about him either.

7 thoughts on “McCain Shows Real Class In His Concession Speech

  1. I agree. Too bad he didn’t run his campaign the same way, and let Palin say all of that awful stuff.


  2. palin could be the anti-christ. She came into the party, calling names and degrading the democrats. She was unknown and got onto the wrong foot the first night. She was irritating and smirky. She thought she was all that on the first night. She had to build herself up first. Well that’s yesterdays news. congrats Obama. You saved us from the palin era. Take your rules dodging, manipulating, charge everything to alaska butt back to wassila. Girl, you have a lot to learn, first of all this was not wassila. You have it made there.


  3. Don’t believe the personnel com that vindicated Palin. Remember these people are who she was waiting for. these are her people. There should be another investigation. I believe she did it. That’s her to get her way, anyway she can. Sure she fired that guy. He didn’t do what she wanted.


  4. Great news all ’round: Obama wins historic victory, McCain reverts to former better self and we still get to lampoon Palin when she gets back to Alaska….Sweet!


  5. Not to sound a sour note… oh, alright, here’s a sour note. McCain’s shown during the campaign that he has no class and no integrity. All he demonstrated last night was that he could read a speech. He could have given the Sermon on the Mount last night, and he still would be the guy who ran the ugliest, foulest campaign we’ve seen in our lives.


  6. Right you are. But he still showed class last night. My favorite part was where Palin gets booed. 🙂


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