Bye Bye Sarah, Your “Sell-By” Date Has Expired

Back in September some very astute Alaskans could see the end of Sarah Palin’s political career, from their own house–just the way Sarah could see Russia from hers.  She is an idiot with blind ambition.  The McCain Palin Train Wreck was simply no contest for Barack Obama.





I recently (just before the election) had the random pleasure of going to a restaurant in Northern California’s Wine Country, and being seated next to a couple from Chicago.  The wife had attended Columbia University during the same years as Barack Obama.  She said that the other students in Obama’s classes were perplexed by his questions and somewhat in awe of his intelligence.  In hindsight, they realized that he has been planning on being President of the United State for decades.  Unlike Winky, who is willing to “plow through” any door that looks to her like it might be open–whether she (and her children) are invited or not.

This woman is clueless.  And a crazy, right wing bible beater to boot.  While she may not be “speaking in tongues” in as much as it is an actual foreign language that we don’t understand, the words from the English language that crap from her lips are just as nonsensical.  It’s true, that John McCain should never live this down.  He brought our country to the brink of complete disaster.

After yesterday’s appearance with the Republican Governor’s Association (who by the way was NOT selected as Chairman of the committee–not even on the list), she now holds the dubious title of the Britney Spears of the GOP and today, I’m going to have to agree that Sarah Palin’s “Sell-By” Date has expired.

“According to CBS News polling, Palin never earned a majority favorable rating. From the Republican convention to Election Day — as more people got to know her — Palin’s favorable number dropped seven points, her unfavorable rating almost doubled, and her positive number finished no higher than her negative number. (By contrast, Barack Obama’s favorable rating surpassed his unfavorable rating by 15 points; Joe Biden’s positive-to-negative gap exceeded 20 points.)

By the end of the campaign, about one in seven Obama supporters had once backed John McCain. The biggest reason these mostly middle-class voters switched sides? The presence of Mrs. Middle-Class Magnetism on the Republican ticket.

Another way to judge Palin is by McCain’s own standards. He picked her to do two things: rally the Republican base, and attract key swing voters, including women, independents, suburbanites, and younger parents. By every conceivable measure, Palin failed.

Core Republican turnout declined 1.3 percent compared to four years ago, the Republican share of the electorate dropped five points from 2004 — and the depression of conservative voters was amplified in key states such as Ohio, where Obama won despite earning almost the same number of votes as John F. Kerry. The difference is that 300,000 people who showed up for Bush/Cheney decided to stay home for McCain/Palin.

The list goes on. Palin didn’t help among women — they went for Obama by 13 points. She didn’t help among independents — they went for Obama by 8 points. She didn’t help among suburbanites — they went for Obama by 2 points. She didn’t help among people with children under 18 — they went for Obama by 8 points. Among all these groups, the 2008 Republican ticket performed worse than any successful nominees in their party’s history.

As Palin prepares to speak to her fellow GOP governors — and to restart her political career — some Palin allies have taken to dismissing her entire performance as a national candidate. “None of it matters,” one told me. “This was McCain’s campaign, and Sarah didn’t have much to do with the outcome.” But according to an NBC News poll, Palin weighed down McCain’s candidacy more than President Bush, and more than the war in Iraq. How could that big an anchor not create a little ripple?

(Don’t forget about this little nugget where she proclaims “If I even cost him just one vote…”)

The rule is that nobody votes for vice president — but this may have been the year nobody voted for Sarah Palin.”

Bye Bye Sarah.  You will not be missed. 


5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Sarah, Your “Sell-By” Date Has Expired

  1. Thank you for stopping by my site. When I read that Palin had passed her “sell by date”…I figured many folks would pick up on this.

    I remember that “Twinkies”, were said to last virtually forever. They had an expansive shelf life…however, there was absolutely no nutritional value in them at all. Sound familiar? lol

    I’ll be eager to visit your site again. Keep up the good work!



  2. Michelle makes a great point about Twinkies. 🙂

    The Republican governors dislike Palin because they, like the rest of us, see this poorly qualified person with low intelligence leap-frog all of them to the most popular candidate in the party.
    The top 3 candidates for the GOP VP nod were Jindal, Pawlenty and Crist (all governors).

    Loyalty is a huge thing in politics and Palin stepped on a lot of toes. I suspect that in the not too distant future, Palin will have plenty of time reading up on what a VP does every day.


  3. Gov. Palin represents the Best of Neo-Conservatism (which I loathe) along with the best traits of the “ugly American” (which I abhor) and presents it in the traditional
    (F)oxymoronic way. For centuries we have been a country of immigrants and we still don’t get it.
    If indeed, America is supposed to lead the world, then understanding Islam, Judaism, Hindu and Buddism peoples and cultures. It was clear from day one that Brett and Bart Maverick had no business in leading the world. Alaska still represents the last of the wild west mentality. I’ve had enough northern exposure to last a lifetime.


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