Another Religious Freak Leaves Dead Woman On Her Toilet For Two Months While She Collected (and cashed) The Deceased Woman's Social Security Checks

More Religious Freaks In The News:

AP News

Nov 17, 2008 13:09 EST

A member of a religious sect pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor after being accused of leaving another member’s corpse in her bathroom so the group could collect her Social Security checks.

Tammy Lewis entered the plea Monday and was fined $350.

Prosecutors accuse the 36-year-old Lewis and 58-year-old Alan Bushey of leaving 90-year-old Magdeline Middlesworth’s body on the toilet in Lewis’ home after she died there in March.

A criminal complaint says Bushey led the Order of the Divine Will sect and told Lewis that God would revive Middlesworth. The decaying body was found in May after Middlesworth’s family expressed concern.

Prosecutors say they believe Bushey and Lewis wanted to go on collecting Middlesworth’s Social Security payments.

Source: AP News


Lewis shared the single-bathroom home with two children, who were told it was their fault Middlesworth didn’t come back to life, according to the documents.  Source:  Wisconsin Rapids Tribune


Alan Bushey
Alan Bushey
Tammy Lewis
Tammy Lewis

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