Unbelievably, Prop 8 Supporters Threaten To Try To Oust Any Justice Who Votes To Overturn The Measure

Just when you think you can’t be more outraged by the religious right …   WRONG!

Several law suits have been filed to overturn or repeal Proposition 8 because it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to strip away existing rights AND because it’s none of their f&@king business.  Really, how can love and commitment be wrong?  And isn’t this threat just plain and simple blackmail?

The Los Angeles Times reports this morning:

Since voters approved Proposition 8 earlier this month, opponents have filed six lawsuits to overturn it. The court agreed to review three of them.

Gay rights advocates argue that the measure was a constitutional revision, instead of a more limited amendment. A revision of the state Constitution can be placed before the voters only by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature or a constitutional convention. Proposition 8 reached the ballot after a signature drive.

In addition to asking for more written arguments on the revision question and the status of existing marriages, the court told lawyers to address whether Proposition 8 violated the separation of powers doctrine under the California Constitution.

Gay rights lawyers have argued that the measure took away the ability of California’s courts to ensure equal protection for minorities who have historically suffered discrimination.

The lawsuits also contend that the initiative was a constitutional revision because it denied equal protection to a minority group and eviscerated a key constitutional guarantee. Supporters of Proposition 8 counter that it merely amended the Constitution by restoring a traditional definition of marriage.

The court’s previous rulings on similar lawsuits have been mixed. The court has upheld at least six initiatives and rejected only two that were challenged as illegal revisions.

Supporters of Proposition 8 have threatened to try to oust any justice who votes to overturn the measure, but the official campaign has distanced itself from that threat. The court’s members serve 12-year terms and appear on the ballot unopposed in retention elections. Opponents could try to unseat them during their retention elections or try to mount a recall.

What happened to the separation of church and state?



3 thoughts on “Unbelievably, Prop 8 Supporters Threaten To Try To Oust Any Justice Who Votes To Overturn The Measure

  1. <iVReally, how can love and commitment be wrong?

    Oh, that’s easy to answer, if you follow the logic of these people. It goes: “If you’re not me and you don’t think exactly like me then there’s something wrong with you – therefore everything is wrong with you – QED”


  2. That’s the problem. There is no true separation of church and state. And any of these churches which fund political initiatives should be stripped of their tax exempt status. That might send them a message. These types of religious people are the worst possible bigots. They’ll even claim they’re not prejudice as they try to deny you civil rights. The Mormons only gave up polygamy when the government started seizing their property and because they wanted statehood (Utah). Otherwise, trust me, all the Mormons would still be polygamist to this day. And of course, some do practice it anyway – in their rural enclaves, but in the Big Love fashion as well, living in the cities and burbs and trying to stay under the radar. Hypocrites.


  3. Start taxing the churches and then see how quickly they’ll be accepting of others! Assholes. They are the true hatemongers of our society (along with the KKK and other supremacist group).

    And, if I’m not mistaken, the California Supreme Court had ruled it unconstitutional to not allow gays to marry, so therefore, it became law and a right for gays to marry. What the Mormons (hate cult just like the Evangelicals) did with their Yes On 8 Hate campaign was wrong and the decision on election day should be overturned. In fact, all those who had married prior to and today are legal marriages until the law is overturned (I doubt it will be).


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