Enough Of The Self-Promotion, You Narcissist; DO YOUR JOB!

From Anchorage Daily News:

Campaign is over, Gov. Palin; come back home and govern

Gov. Sarah Palin electrified the Republican Party base during the presidential election — but her base now is right here in Alaska.

At least it is supposed to be.

The governor was absent when the state sponsored a big, statewide conference to chart the future of Alaska’s educational system last week. Instead of lending her weight to the effort to improve education, the governor was in Miami giving a speech on the future of the Republican Party.

She had been back in Alaska briefly after the Palin-McCain ticket lost the presidential election. Long enough to say, hi, I’m back. Then she was gone on another partisan political errand.

There are pressing issues to be addressed in the state, such as low graduation rates, plummeting North Slope oil prices, proposals to build alternative energy projects, the gas pipeline.

Welcome back, again, Gov. Palin. The state needs you.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s time for the governor to re-focus on Alaska’s needs.

Or, could it be time to find an actual governor???


4 thoughts on “Enough Of The Self-Promotion, You Narcissist; DO YOUR JOB!

  1. Hi there, followed you from Mudflats…is that Raquel Welch up there?
    Yes it would be nice if she would BE governor…
    However from the looks of things in Alaska…
    Looks like a lot of good people need to stand up and…run for Governor, senate, etc. She, needs to be impeached/recalled. The people of Alaska NEED a REAL Governor!


  2. Yep, it is Raquel Welch. Super hot chick and super heroine all in one. (Did you see her movies back in the day?)

    I like her because she doesn’t take herself too seriously.


  3. Yes she is awesome and keeps herself in shape with yoga and natural stuff, not all plastic surgery. Some of those people, cher, the woman from dynasty(forget her name) they have ruined, ruined, their looks with too much plastic surgery.


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