The UK Telegraph Features A Pictorial “Good-Bye” To Bush

The UK Telegraph Features A Pictorial “Good-Bye” To Bush.  It’s a good piece.  I have selected some of my favorites below.

Let’s start with him winking at inappropriate times (Could this be where Winky learned it?) …


and at inappropriate people…


then there’s his love of animals…


love of sports…


love of babies…


and his love of dancing…


and let’s not forget his male prowess…


or his innate ability to be at the wrong place at the wrong time…


or his unique ability to embarrass himself and the entire country with just a simple act of, say, doing something like looking through binoculars with the lens caps ON…


and, finally, his presidential facial expressions.  Priceless.


This last photo is one that is not included in the Telegraph Pictorial, but one that I felt was worth including.  It’s George and Laura at his inauguration on January 20, 2001.  It’s been a long road.

Dancing at a multi-state ball in the Ronals Reagan Bldg. photo by STEPHEN CROWLEY/THE NEW YORK TIMES


It’s almost over.

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5 Responses to The UK Telegraph Features A Pictorial “Good-Bye” To Bush

  1. the problem child says:

    For the last picture, I’m sure you meant Laura, not Barbara… Feel free not to post this comment.

    You are correct. I will fix that.


  2. D says:

    And on January 20th, around noon, I shall be breathing a sigh of relief.


  3. Lottie says:

    Bye, bye, Georgie! I’ll be toasting with champagne on January 20th!


  4. Wordsmith says:

    Jezzus! I can’t stand this fucker. I’ve never been able to and the closest I came to feel benign about him was immediately after 9/11, but that lasted until he opened his mouth on that pile of debris in NYC. A bullshitter of the most incredible kind.


  5. Bruce says:

    What a monkey brain with a face to match. I’ll be so happy not to have to look at it any longer. What a sad joke he was. The whole world hated him. No wonder. And the whole world danced in the streets when Obama won. Says it all.


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