Alaskans For Truth Is Now An Official Political Action Committee And They Have Issued A Call To Action!

It’s amazing what can be brought to life with some good old fashioned community organizing.  What all this means is that Alaskans for Truth is now an official Political Action Committee, registered with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.  And they have issued a call to action.

And don’t for a minute think, dear Mudflatter, that what you do won’t have an effect.  Do you remember when we were all biting our nails, wondering if the Legislative Council would release the Troopergate Report?  It was touch and go.  That report almost didn’t get released.  I was there biting my nails in person, when they voted to release it.  And one of the Legislators said, “Maybe I’ll be able to get through my inbox again…….”

That means you mattered.  And you can matter again.  Alaska is small, and every voice that speaks up may as well be using a megaphone.  Nobody gets lost in the shuffle.  Everyone is heard.

And don’t worry if you are not from Alaska.  Because when Sarah Palin was foisted upon you as a Vice Presidential candidate, and when she was made an international celebrity, and when 77% of Republicans want to see her on the national political stage, this matters to you too.  All you need to do is explain that, in case they don’t get it.

The time has come to hold Alaska’s leaders accountable.  The time for action is now.


Read the whole story here.


Then watch Palin scream as she is held accountable!   🙂


2 thoughts on “Alaskans For Truth Is Now An Official Political Action Committee And They Have Issued A Call To Action!

  1. God, that face. Quick, call Pastor Muthee to drive the witch away.

    I love how Palin has impassioned the opposition in her state. I bet she loses re-election.


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