word du jour: JUXTAPOSITION

Let’s start with JUXTAPOSE.  Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines JUXTAPOSE as:

“to place side by side unexpected combinations of colors, shapes and ideas”

JUXTAPOSITION is the act or instance of doing so.

Let’s use that in a sentence:

Depending on how you look at it, Obama’s cabinet and appointments are a bit of a juxtaposition.

Now you try it.  Use JUXTAPOSITION in a sentence in the comment boxes below.


I thought this post was interesting:

Above is the front and back cover of Nature mag’s September 25th issue and one can’t help but notice the striking resemblance between the two. The back cover ad is for bio-chemicals seller Sigma Aldrich and the cover story takes a look at how the presidential elections will affect science—we’re basically screwed in dog years if the Republicans win. Was the magazine being clever or is it just pure coincidence? Either way, the McCain camp will likely cry media bias and add the human-hating publication to their blacklist along with all those Georgetown cocktail party people.

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