It's Better To Be A Gigolo Than A Mistress

The rich are cruel. Especially the men and especially since the financial crisis.  A study conducted in November by the firm Prince & Associates at 191 multimillionaires in the world confessing to have a extra-marital relationship for over a year, shows that 80% of them plan to reduce expenses, gifts, jewelry , Dinners in restaurants, private jet rides and other vagaries so far granted to their lovers or mistresses.  All refer to the need to “reduce unnecessary expenditure.”

Among respondents who earn 70% or more to the financial needs of their small (e) ami (e), 12% plan, more radically, to terminate the relationship adultery “for financial reasons.”  And the relationship is more ancient, it is most at risk.  Beyond three years, 7.3% of respondents believe break, but they are only 4.7% to consider if the relationship is more recent (one to three years).

“The rich are affected by the crisis. Although they are far from being on the brink of bankruptcy, but they see the stock market make yo-yo. The future is so uncertain they are nervous, more cautious,” says Russ Alan Prince, president of Prince & Associates, the origin of the study.

I understand how they feel, myself I had to buy a Maserati to my friend of the West Coast and fewer diamonds than the East Coast, ironically a reader of the site of the Wall Street Journal, that the study unveiled on November 18.

Yet faced with “adversity”, the affluent do not react as the rich.  The study, conducted in conjunction with an investigation into the purchasing behavior of an international clientele of private jets deal with the crisis, the head of a fortune of at least $ 20 million (15.5 million euros), reveals that women surveyed (one third of the sample) remain, despite the crisis, more generous than their male counterparts.

Only 15.4% of them believe reduce costs for their lovers, against 81.6% men. More than half planning to spend even more. Finally, only 1.6% of these multimillionaires plan to end the relationship to relieve their budget, against 10.4% men. “It is better to be a gigolo a mistress,” says Prince, who admits , However, does not quite understand the logic of women.




The sociologist Jolanta Bak, who has done various works on the profile of the rich, a little explanation: “The relationship is often considered adultery for men very rich as an attribute of their wealth, their status, while it is envisaged by these women as a place of emotion and often an antidote to their fears. “

According to her, in times of crisis, first, which often have a profile businessmen “workaholic” (drugged work), take note of the consequences of the crisis, and opt for a lifestyle less ostentatious,less bling-bling. “   While women in this sample, are equally aware of the economic subjects (all control their finances), seek to preserve a relationship that will serve as their refuge, escape to concerns over the management of their affairs and their heritage.

One thought on “It's Better To Be A Gigolo Than A Mistress

  1. Damn, if they’re going to throw away perfectly good women, they should toss some my way. They obviously have too many and should spread the wealth around… oh, wait, they can’t, they’d be called socialists.


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