U.S. Warned India In Advance Of The Mumbai Attacks

“An Indian official appeared to confirm the US media reports that there was a known threat to at least some of the locations targeted, including the Taj Mahal Palace hotel.

Mumbai police chief Hassan Gafoor told a news conference on Tuesday that security authorities had “had an alert that hotels like Taj could be exposed to such danger”.

ABC News quoted Indian officials as saying that after receiving the US warning, they also intercepted a satellite phone message on 18 November warning of a seaborne attack on Mumbai.

The city had been on high alert but security measures at the attacked hotels had recently been relaxed, the network reported.

ABC also reported that the Indian authorities had seized a mobile phone SIM card belonging to the attackers, which they said had led to a “treasure trove” of contacts and information.

The allegations from the US are likely to add to the growing sense of public anger that the attacks, which left more than 200 people injured, were not prevented.”

Read the whole story and see the video of that fateful night here.

I am very interested to know how the U.S. could know about this before India.  Anyone know?  Or have any theories?

One thought on “U.S. Warned India In Advance Of The Mumbai Attacks

  1. Very good question, Girl! Today I was listening to the news radio in the car and a caller said that in India all Blackberry conversations are recorded and listened to by the Indian government because this was one of the rules the Indian government asked to be done before allowing their citizens to use this device. Soooooo, it is very interesting that the US would know about the attacks before India did.

    This just reaffirms my thought that al-Qaida (and other death squads) is really The Base of the Bush Family & Friends, Inc. It’s just a fabrication and a farce.


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