“Cholera has killed at least 565 people in Zimbabwe since August”

Wow!  In the U.S. auto makers, insurance companies and banks all have their hands out for billions of dollars.  In Zimbabwe these people don’t even have any water, to drink or for bathing or even for their toilets–all the while raw sewage runs down the street.

To top that off:  “The latest estimated annual inflation rate was 231,000,000%, and just one adult in 10 is thought to have a regular job.”

There is a horrible situation in Zimbabwe right now and they need some help.  Read the whole story here and the report of the entire situation here.


2 thoughts on ““Cholera has killed at least 565 people in Zimbabwe since August”

  1. Hi,
    I popped by after reading your post over on M & H. I try to visit as many linked blogs as possible because it seems so many thoughtful and interesting folks visit and comment there. So many commentators and not enough time to visit them all. I finally got to yours and it does not disappoint!

    So far, I have come across only one linked blog that totally stunk.

    Your blog is great. I’ll be back (hope that doesn’t read creepy Ahnold-ish :)).


  2. Not creepy at all. I love visitors and comments. It’s a big, wide world with all sorts of good and bad things happening and this is a way that we can share with one another.


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