Update on the shackled 17 year old boy that escaped

“Caren Ramirez, 43, a felon who was the teen’s aunt and had a prior warrant for assaulting and abusing the boy, was arrested late Tuesday at an apartment at 2601 College Ave., a few blocks south of the UC Berkeley campus, police said.

Berkeley police had been alerted by Tracy authorities and went to the apartment about 8:45 p.m. When they knocked on the door, a woman answered and said she was alone in the apartment. But they asked if they could take a look around and she agreed. A quick search found Ramirez in the bathroom, sitting on the commode with the toilet lid closed, police said.

This is Caren Ramirez.  Take a good look at this scum bag.  All three will likely plead down and get away with this.
This is Caren Ramirez. Take a good look at this scum bag. All three will likely plead down and get away with this.

Ramirez was arrested without incident and police said the other woman, who was not identified, apparently told them “I thought the police might be coming to my house.”

The boy was abused by his father and placed in the care of his aunt, Ramirez, by CPS in Sacramento County, said Matt Robinson, a spokesman for the city of Tracy. He was then physically abused by the aunt — who was subsequently charged and sentenced in a plea deal — before being moved into a second foster home. He disappeared from the second home about a year ago.


When he showed up barely dressed and emaciated Monday afternoon at the In-Shape Sports Club in Tracy, the boy told employees there he ran away from his second foster home in Sacramento because he wanted to be with his family.

After arresting the Tracy couple living in the house the boy escaped from early Tuesday, authorities had scoured the Bay Area for Ramirez, who according to court records was convicted in 2007 in Sacramento County of one felony count of inflicting corporal injury on a child. Ramirez also has three outstanding warrants for her arrest out of Sacramento.

Arrested were Kelly Layne Lau, 30, and Michael Luther Schumacher, 34. They are expected to be arraigned Thursday on charges of torture, kidnapping, false imprisonment, child endangerment and corporal injury to a child.”

Read the whole story here.  See the news video here.  See my original post on this here.


This poor kid never stood a chance.  He’s been abused from the start and he may never be able to trust another human being.  The people that abused him should never be allowed to give birth to children nor be allowed to be in the company of children.  And what the hell were they doing taking this boy away from his father to custody of his aunt who already had a history of child abuse.  Hello?!?!?

Abstinence, eh Sarah?

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