word du jour: QUAFF (or QUAFFING)

Ahh…  again we reference Merriam-Webster online for today’s word, which is QUAFF.  Like yesterday’s word, a very simple definition:

to drink deeply

Easy to use that in a sentence, perhaps even easier these days, if you believe what the newspapers tell you:

When the economy is down you will find quaffing on the rise.

A tough economy ratchets up the pressure to rethink spending decisions. Food, clothing and shelter are essential. But when it comes to the extras, grim new realities set out some straightforward choices between needs and things we can live without.

Then there’s booze.

In the past few weeks, scattered reports have noted that alcohol sales are up in some places, despite – or maybe even because of – the downturn in the economy. The new figures have revived the thinking that when Americans are taking it on the economic chin they keep a firm grip on the bottle.”

Read that whole story here.



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