Mystery Dog Braves Speeding Traffic To Pull Fellow Dog To Safety

A surveillance camera on a Santiago motorway captured images of a dog dodging speeding cars to pull the lifeless body of another dog, which had been hit a vehicle, away from traffic and onto the median strip.

The scene was broadcast by Chilean television stations and then posted on websites such as YouTube. By Monday, hundreds of thousands of people had viewed versions of the rescue.

Highway crews removed both the dead dog from the median strip of the Vespucio Norte Highway shortly after the December 4 incident. But the rescuer dog, believed to be a stray, ran away.

Authorities say images of the rescue prompted some people to call and offer to adopt the dog, but neither highway workers nor a television crew were able to find it.

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5 thoughts on “Mystery Dog Braves Speeding Traffic To Pull Fellow Dog To Safety

  1. I haven’t looked at the video clip yet, so maybe that will explain what the blog entry is confusingly trying to say, but how can a dead dog be dragged to “safety”?


  2. emjaycee,

    The point is that the dog is amazing. As CJ points out, the dog shows better character than most people.


  3. Did I read someone posting that not a single car stopped to help? This is a freeway, stopping may put other lives (including humans) in danger. Unless yours is a rescue vehicle with blinkers, it is totally unsafe for anyone to stop.


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