word du jour: VOLUPTUOUS

This is an interesting word.  One that my new doctor used to describe me today when I was lamenting about my post-menopausal weight as compared to the stick figure I had grown accustomed to during the first four decades of my life…

So here goes, courtesy of Merriam Webster, the definition of VOLUPTUOUS, a good word:

1 a: full of delight or pleasure to the senses : conducive to or arising from sensuous or sensual gratification : luxurious <a voluptuous dance> <voluptuous ornamentation> <a voluptuous wine> b: suggesting sensual pleasure by fullness and beauty of form

2: given to or spent in enjoyment of luxury, pleasure, or sensual gratifications <a long and voluptuous holiday — Edmund Wilson>

Good Golly Miss Molly!  I had no idea!

Shall we use this in a sentence?  I think so!:

I am voluptuous!

(I’ll see if I can drum up a photo that doesn’t reveal my identity.)

For now, is a photo of Raquel Welch (age 67) at her son Damon’s wedding approximately one year ago:


5 thoughts on “word du jour: VOLUPTUOUS

  1. Raquel Welch, like Marilyn Monroe before her and and other similar women are truly womanly – voluptuous – and I find the sight of them SO much more sexy and desirable than some stick insect parading around with little or nothing on.


  2. Girl:
    Until you find the right picture (revealing your voluptuousness and not your identity) I suggest you forget Raquel and start searching for photos of the mother of all “beauty, delight, fullness, etc.” and that is of course the great Sophia Loren. Any time I ever heard the phrase, “And God created woman…”, I thought, “Yeah, and when he made Sophia Loren He had to be up til like two or three in the morning.”

    This redhead on “Mad Men”, the office manager whose name escapes me, is getting a lot of attention these days primarily because she’s (forgive me) cut from the same mold and hopefully that attention will help mark the return to “curves are cool” and muscled stick-figure bone yards ain’t!

    For way too long men have been forced to watch women emaciate themselves and take away the very things that makes us (in clothes) so wonderfully different. Blame Hollywood, blame the Fashion industry, blame the work-out gurus, blame somebody but dammit enough already! Call me a throw-back but that’s how I (and a hell of a lot of other men) see it.

    So congrats, girl du jour, for your recent epiphany that you are among the desired.


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