Celebrate Diversity (or at least chill out about it)

Wow…  I just read an eye-opening article by Lee Stranahan in the Huffington Post about diversity…

I don’t understand how anyone who listened to Obama during the campaign would be shocked that Obama lets Warren give the invocation. It’s vintage Obama. It does not signal agreement with Warren’s political positions, some of which are clearly at odds with Obama’s. Warren isn’t making policy or even giving a sermon., He’s saying a prayer and then possibly dancing later at some inaugural parties. If anything, it’s the possibility of this dancing that should be deeply troubling to all Americans.

Rick Warren felt some of this same heat when he invited Barack Obama to speak at his church on World Aids Day. Conservatives railed against Warren for legitimizing Obama. People with different political opinions aren’t supposed to come together in anything but a shouting match.

In a few weeks, Barack Obama will be sworn in as President and be joined by two men leading prayers – Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery. Lowery is the ‘dean of the Civil Rights movement’, the man who founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King Jr. Lowery supports same sex marriage.

There’s something bigger at play here and you can’t say Obama didn’t warn you. He talked about reaching out, about expanding our politics and that crazy bastard actually meant it. Nobody on the left or right quite knows what to make of it. We want to cram Obama into our old, divisive, two toned ideological and political frame and if he doesn’t fit, we’ll attack him too. Attacking is what we’re used to doing.

But in the long run this new politics benefits us all. Ironically, it benefits the minorities and marginalized and ill-treated the most. I know this may be hard for many to see right now but the truth is that this sort of symbol is what America needs. Not seeing just Warren on stage or just Lowery but seeing both of them of there at once

Obama said it in the abstract time and again during the campaign. Now he’s showing us. Seeing the things that Pastor Rick Warren and Reverend Joseph Lowery have in common is more important than seeing the things that separate them. America needs to see that. It’s a step down the road where a majority of us see the things that straight Americans in love want are the same things that gay Americans in love want, too.

Hmmm…  I just learned something.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Diversity (or at least chill out about it)

  1. A very thought-provoking article, and I thank you for bringing this to my attention. It provides a much broader perspective to the issue than which side of the fence do you fall on this issue or that issue. I trusted Mr. Obama with my vote on election day because I felt he could “walk the walk.” Now I need to trust him to do it.


  2. Thanks for checking in . . . and for bringing this to my attention. Sometimes growing up hurts more than we thought it would . . .


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