Madoff Scam Is Global… WTF? Wasn't ANYONE paying attention?

Just a few days ago we learned about Madoff’s $50B “ponzi” scheme.

Then, we learned that the cocksucker is under house arrest because (surprise!) no one will co-sign for him so he can’t make bail and someone might hurt him if he goes to jail.  (Yeah, just like Jeffrey Dahmer, eh?)  Like we care.  He deserves anything he might have coming to him.

Now, today we find out that this scam is global.

Wasn’t anyone paying attention???  Or was it standard protocol to look the other way?


I apologize for the vulgarity, but I’m pissed!

3 thoughts on “Madoff Scam Is Global… WTF? Wasn't ANYONE paying attention?

  1. I also wonder why none of the financial institutions in US nor the [so powerful] SEC did the necessary work to stop this Ponzi scam earlier


  2. It’s simple….everyone’s palm was getting greased. There was so much money…more than anyone can imagine…floating around that no one wanted it to stop…


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