Obama Is Keeping Promises

Le Monde, a French news publication, reports that Obama is keeping promises

“Hollywood stars like Halle Berry or Steven Spielberg, and actors from the new economy leaders such as Google and Microsoft are part of the generous donors who participate in the financing of the inauguration of Barack Obama.   The U.S. president-elect, sticking to his promise of transparency and the fight against trafficking in influence, has requested that the names of all contributors to the inauguration of January 20 were released on the Internet while his predecessors kept the list secret.

 The list, available on the committee for appointing the next president, includes the director Steven Speilberg and his wife Kate, to the tune of 50 000 dollars each, the maximum allowed per person.  Actors Halle Berry, first black to be awarded an Oscar in Hollywood, and Jamie Foxx, have also each donated $ 50 000, as the actress Sharon Stone.

But the giants of new technologies and the Internet are also prominent among the contributors.  The CEO of Google Eric Schmidt has 25 000 dollars, as the co-founder of Google Larry Page and Vice President Marissa Mayer.  Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, gave $ 50 000, and his wife Connie.

The former basketball star Earvin “Magic” Johnson has donated 25 000 dollars and five members of the family of billionaire financier George Soros gave $ 250 000 in total.

These funds will be used to organize a long list of dances and other prestigious events around the 20 January, when Barack Obama takes office.  The main contributors can expect to get privileged access to the ceremonies.  Unlike others before him, the organizing committee of Barack Obama has refused any contributions from corporations, political organizations or unions, pressure groups and donors who are not U.S. citizens.

See the full list of inaugural donors here.


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