Bristol Palin, with insanely ginormous breasts, gives birth to a son.

What I think is weird about this, aside from her gargantuan breasts, is that she named her son Tripp–which is awfully similar to Trig–which I think will reignite the controversy that Bristol may in fact be Trig’s mother too (as opposed to her mother. Sarah).

Now don’t freak out, I don’t have any evidence one way or the other, I’m just sayin’…


Seriously, look at these breasts.  Each one is about the same size as her head.

It’s got to be annoying and extremely uncomfortable.  Personally, I’m an E cup, and I’m about ready to lop my own off myself.

As for the conspiracy theorists out there, what ye say about this?


24 thoughts on “Bristol Palin, with insanely ginormous breasts, gives birth to a son.

  1. Well that probably because she was breast feeding Trigg, while barbie was whoring herself off onto the country….Anyway all the tweens guys would talk endlessly about her “rack”
    Well Glad Grandmom Sherry is out on bail to be a part of (another) grandchild….


  2. I know the Palinistas are goggling over this child’s birth date as “more proof” (like the bobbing-head dolls they are), but it’s really proof of nothing.

    Trig Palin was discharged from Mat-Su Gen’l Hosp. 4/19 looking nothing like the 35 week preemie he was supposed to be, and looking altogether like a full term infant of at least 38-40 weeks.

    Which means the “wild ride” was in panic b/c Trig’s perinatal care was complete and hospital discharge was imminent due to pressure from the discharge planning manager, who in turn is pressured by insurance companies/the government (whichever is paying).

    So, Bristol Palin could have given birth to Trig, been promiscuous AGAIN, gotten pregnant AGAIN, and had a full term or near-full term infant this time.

    At least we know the girl’s fertile.


  3. Wow:At least we know the girl’s fertile.

    Hehe, just like her mom…. more for “god’s army” like brother Track.


  4. ok, so if trigg was her son, then what on earth prompted her to pop one more bun in the oven so soon?
    is he insane???
    hasn’t she heard of contraception?
    ooops. oh ok, my mistake.

    “where else could i be all apologies.”
    c. cobain.


  5. What is it with these names they give the male sons? Track, Trig, and now Tripp. This last one must have been inspired by SP herself, who is one big TRIP.

    Let’s now have the Bristol Palin pregnancy countdown. How long will it take before she’s knocked up again?


  6. It’s not that those cans are big (which they are), but that what she was wearing was ridiculously tight, and made her look freakish.


  7. The baby in question has Down syndrome, which is strongly associated with the mother’s age. It’s extremely rare for a teenage girl to give birth to a Down child, but depressingly common for women Sarah’s age. While it’s fun to speculate about Bristol’s sex life, the baby is almost certainly Sarah’s.


  8. As much as I would LOVE to believe Trig is Bristol’s as well, it’s simply another saucy piece of gossip we’d love to believe to stir up more excitement and discord.

    The details around the child’s birth are somewhat murky – sure. But this isn’t to cover up who the real mother is. It seeks to sweep under the carpet the truth about the FATHER . Trig was fathered illigitimately during the filming of “Nailin’ Sarah Palin,” following an incident in which Sarah refused to allow her partner to use a condom. She felt it would send the wrong message to the film’s audience about condoms – namely, the message that condoms are effective in preventing….you guessed it, pregnancy.

    Seriously though, look at those BREASTS. Jesus Christ.


  9. I used to be a DD and it was a nightmare. I had them reduced when I was 17 and it was a smart move, although I am sometimes self-conscious about the scars (my boyfriend doesn’t seem to be bothered tho). If you’re an E you should totally look into it.


  10. I want to mention right now that I am vastly proud of my own daughter, a Johns Hopkins- educated clinical counselor who quite incidentally has been generously treated by Mother Nature RE her upper structure. If anything I can appreciate Bristol Palin’s ventral burdens were apparently oppressed by Bristol’s undergarments which apparently caused her no small inconvenience during the GOP Presidential Convention of 2008. A far greater Karmic handicap, however, seems to be Providence’s selection for her parents in this incarnation. If at any time she wishes to embarrass her mom (who really requires no one’s assistance to generate such a condition for herself) she need not appear as a Playboy centerfold. Instead she needs only the challenge the resigning manager of the Midnight Sun State to a mammary size comparison! The younger woman would also probably fare well in a test of mental acuity against her mom.


  11. PS: In a coincidence that no fiction writer would allow in a novel, “Bristol” is British slang for “breast.”


  12. Oh, come off it you guys. You’re just as judgmental as the conservatives if not worse. It’s so immature. Get some evidence based, issues based ammo against Sarah Palin, not the ad hominem crap you guys are spouting. Seriously. Show some kindness and perhaps even some intelligence.

    There are some great politicians who had crappy family lives. I can’t talk, my family life is not that good, and that has nothing to do with the fact that I’d make a terrible politician. Lay off Palin’s family already. It’s cruel and senseless.


  13. SO I guess the real answer is to make sure we elect only politicians with crappy home lives…

    that way – they feel they should improve society ..


  14. Look at those fun bags very very impressive rack. I think she and her mom are hot.


  15. In my opinion they are insanely ginormous. That, in no way, makes me a dummy. Your comment does, however, make you rude.


  16. I can’t believe somebody thinks conservatives are nosey if the Democrat (LIBS) had their choice they’d have us have our underwear labeled by day and social security number plus who you voted for. The Liberals are the control freaks not the conservatives, It is hard to beat a nice pair of boobs when there on a chest. Not a boob making political comments or Palin hate comments.


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